Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1989)

Data: 15-20 August 1989

Pontificate: John Paul II

Theme: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6)

Song: Somos los jóvenes del 2000 (We are the youth of 2000)

John Paul II asked young people three key questions: Have you discovered Christ who is the Way? Have you discovered Christ who is the Truth? Have you discovered Christ who is the Life? Jesus Christ was at the centre of WYD. It is Jesus who inspires us to a new, more mature and profound life, a life that is not afraid to question itself and reflect while seeking the meaning and direction of its existence. This dimension, Pope John Paul II emphasised, is always true, but even more so when we are young and passing through a period of grace in which we identify the direction our lives are taking. The discovery of Christ in our lives is a road worth travelling and exploring because the path that Jesus offers us leads to truth. This is how the pope responded to the questions he had put to young people. The Way: “Very often, dear young people, you find yourselves at a crossroads, not knowing which road to choose, where to go; there are so many wrong roads, so many easy options, so much ambiguity. At times like these, do not forget that Christ, with his Gospel, his example and his commandments, is always the only sure way, the way that leads to full and lasting happiness”. The Truth: “Christ is the word of truth, spoken by God, as the answer to all the questions of the human heart. He is the one who fully reveals to us the mystery of humanity and the world.” Life: “You live with great hopes and with many beautiful plans for the future. Do not forget, however, that true fullness of life is found only in Christ who died and rose again for us. Only Christ is capable of filling to the full the depths of the human heart.”

All of the Holy Father’s speeches in Santiago de Compostela:

Summary based on the data sheet published by, organ of the Diocese of Rieti.